Apr 14

The Art Of Travel Photography

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Apr 14

Graney snatches New Zealand’s best amateur photographer

Peter Graney, a New Zealand photographer, has been declared as the top spot holder of the New Zealand National Award, which is a part of Sony World Photography Awards 2014. This is one of the leading photography contests of the world. The National Award contest looks to honor the single best picture by a Kiwi photographer registered into any of the 10 Open classes of Sony World Photography Awards 2014.

Last year, Graney from Rotorua was runner up in this very same contest. This year, he was selected as the contest winner for a snap named Into the Bend. The snap was selected by a judges panel including top beauty, celeb and fashion photographer Aaron K. The 2nd and 3rd spot were taken by Andrew Cornaga and Joshua Donnelly respectively.

The magnificent winning snap shows a bike speedway rider giving everything at the final bend at Rotorua BMX Club speedway while younger bike riders thirstily see from the side line expecting to imitate his skill.

Peter Graney is a teacher by profession. He is very passionate about travel photography and photojournalism. He takes snaps at local events in as well as around his house town and regularly taking pictures in Asia.

Speaking about the winning snap, Graney stated that the picture is not just about the race, but importantly also regarding passing on enthusiasm and skills for a sport to the next gen. The race was a part of Rotorua Bike Festival held yearly.

Mar 14

Speedlight Mastery – Photography Training by Damien Lovegrove

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Feb 14

Composition-A Digital Photography Tutorial

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Jan 14

Using Photoshop for Food Photography

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Jan 14

Amateur photographer set to make new charity calendar

An epilepsy patient is all set to use his photography skills to give a wildlife calendar for a charity in spite of having as many as twenty four fits every week. Forty nine year old Peter Hunter from Breightmet is not able to drive or work because of his present condition.

But after taking pictures of pheasants, kestrels, deer as well as several other wildlife in the Bolton region. Now he is expecting a make a difference with a brand new calendar to collect funds for PDSA, United Kingdoms Epileptic Society and Cancer Research.
Peter was born epileptic. He stated that his condition got bad when he was battered at work around thirteen years ago. Shortly after the incident, he left the Department for Social Services. He added that prospective employers have deemed him too much of a gamble to hire. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Cycling Photography – Through The Lens Of Camille McMillan – Inside Line

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Nov 13

Bracketing: EP74: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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