Apr 16

Wildlife photographers criticized

In Singapore, animal lovers have started an outrage after seeing photographers inflating live fish in a bid to bait the endangered eagle. The photographers were caught on cameras they were filling the live fish with air and Styrofoam and attract grey-headed fish eagle so that they could take great snaps.

Wildlife photographers criticized

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Jan 16

The very concept of the business

Site construction is not a simple task as anyone thinks of it. Each and every aspect of the concept needs to be known very clearly before involving in constructing a site. A site’s construction is pretty a very significant part which explains the business of what an owner engages in it. Site has turned out to be the important part helping the users in all aspects.


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May 15


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Apr 15

Jeff Parker set to visit the Bastrop County Audobon Society

Jeff Parker, nature and wildlife photographer, who has long made a great effort in serving other nature and wildlife lovers improve their techniques of photography, would make his 2nd appearance before Bastrop County Audubon Society.

He would bring his collection from a very recent tour to Brazil to the meeting that takes place on 17th March, at 7 pm at First National Bank, 489 Highway 71 West in Bastrop.

The photographers of Parker have been published in several publications as well as top websites and are anthologized in many books. He was an award-winner in the prestigious competition in 2010. Also, he took home; his He also took home his share of prize money from the 2007, 2009, and 2011 Coastal Bend Wildlife Contests.

A classifiable forte is making tours for little bands of aspiring nature photographers. His tours to Big Bend and Costa Rica in 2015 are already sold out. Jeff is a member of Nature Photography Association, the Travis Audubon Society, the Bastrop County Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy. He has also a wildlife guide, certified by Corpus Christi. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Ultimate Flash Photography Exposure Tutorial

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Mar 15

How to do street photography if you are shy like me

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Feb 15

How to Zone Focus for Street Photography with a Leica, Rangefinder, or DSLR

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Feb 15

Bird womans aim to save Byron Bay wildlife

For Deborah Pearse, a Byron Bay wildlife photographer, wielding a camera is about more than just having a lovely picture.

It is a path to involve her in often-precarious lives of the wild subjects. Well, people call her bird woman. She prefers taking snapshots of the same pairs for years; she photograph their babies, and she takes pictures of what happens to them.

She does this because she feels very connected.

The birds get to know her that is why she could get that close. Mrs Pearse got her 1st prize in WetlandCare Australia photography prize this year awarded earlier on Saturday for a snap of a pied oystercatcher chick on water edge. Continue reading →

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